Building Automation Systems

Building Automation
Temperature controls maintains temperature and humidity of a room or building and creates a cleaner, healthier, more comfortable and more consistent indoor environment, which allows more flexibility for monitoring temperatures from zone to zone and more predictable energy bills that saves you money.

Card Access
Security is critical for facilities and businesses of all sizes. Card access provides you with the ability to track and monitor all entry and exit points, improves security and minimizes risks by keeping a detailed log of who has accessed that part of
the building at that time. Safeguarding your teams and the assets of your business is a top priority.

Lighting and Lighting Controls
The latest technology in lighting and lighting controls can enhance energy efficiency and save money. Replacing old bulbs and/or fixtures with LED and using the right lighting for the application makes a difference in everyday use. Additionally, lighting automation also easily integrates with other building management systems and other smart devices.

Tying systems together can produce savings almost immediately, from having a single graphical interface, eliminating redundant systems, lowering training costs and reducing the various parts that are required to keep in inventory. The wealth of data that is collected by systems integration will lead to better decision making, from routine maintenance to under-performing facilities.

Building Insights
Building Insights is a solution that scales from building-level energy monitoring to enterprise-wide sustainability reporting and performance analytics allowing companies to analyze problems they have in their building systems and minimize management costs and even increase profits by improving system performance.

Improved Air Quality
We spend 90% of our time indoors, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency and indoor air is typically 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. The goal of improved air quality is to eliminate or at least minimize the sources of indoor air pollution using natural and mechanical ventilation to constantly replace stale air with fresh outdoor air, reducing air pollution levels by dilution and extraction and by purifying indoor air directly with methods that capture or destroy pollutants.

HVAC Equipment Control
Commercial HVAC controls offer not only convenience, but significant financial benefits as well. Proper controls can reduce energy bills, provide central monitoring and control, integration with other systems, prevent downtime and shine the light on better data and performance.

Building Occupancy
Occupancy sensors are an integral part of the data collection process in a smart building, informing key decisions about where resources should be allocated. The amount of people using a room at any given time is a vital source of information for a facility. It allows for the systems to manage heating, lighting and other utilities. Data can be accumulated over time which means that room occupancy can be optimized in the future.

Power Monitoring
Information from power management systems allows you to accurately analyze your power usage and offers many benefits, such as identifying inefficiencies, implementing energy-saving programs and decreasing downtimes.

Heating and Cooling Plants
Whether large or small, heating and cooling plants can be a significant source of frustration and energy waste.

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